The Gym Group Transformation

By February 28, 2024Projects

Our Recent Project On Behalf of The Gym Group in Stafford

Decorating a new gym is much more than just paint on walls or dumbbells on racks; it’s about creating an atmosphere that energizes, motivates, and encourages discipline and hard work.

Before any colour touches the walls, the preparation stage is where the foundation of a superior paint job is laid. For the Stafford Gym Group, this phase commenced in October 2023 starting with thorough tape and jointing work. We scrutinized each new wall partition, ensuring the seams were smooth and the joints invisible. This level of detail in the initial stages pays dividends in the final presentation, providing an unmarred canvas for the application of paint.

With preparation complete, the focus shifted to applying a spray mist coat. This technique serves a dual purpose. It not only primes the surface but also highlights any imperfections that may have been overlooked, readying the walls for the final colour. This application process ensures full, even coverage, a crucial step in achieving a professional finish across the expansive gym space efficiently.

We carefully selected Dulux Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell paints, known for their tough and durable finish, to withstand the rigorous use a gym endures. With a range of sheens, these paints not only added depth to the colours but also made cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

The painting and decorating project extended its touch to the gym’s floors. Select areas were coated with specialized floor paint, designed to withstand the footfall of dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

With the successful completion of this project, The Gym Group in Stafford stands as a testament to what can be achieved when the art of design intersects with the science of fitness.

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