In a small town called Brierley Hill, just a couple of miles South West of Dudley, and not too far from the “Merry” hell that is the locally renowned shopping centre, an electroplating company abandoned a small warehouse leaving the new owners with quite a refurbishment job on their hands.
The small-scale dilapidation project was nothing we hadn’t seen before, and lucky for us, our job was to polish it up and give it a lick of paint after the worst of it had been sorted.

This was a brand new customer who had heard of our involvement in the conservation and renovation project of the Stuart Crystal buildings down the road in Stourbridge.
They requested that we come down to the warehouse, spruce up the offices within the building, fix up the interior of the property and create a company brand appropriate exterior for their front of house.
As easy as painting by numbers!

If only it was a simple as we just made it sound… sigh.


Colour Match challenge

Where graphic designers use hex codes, painters use BS (British Standard) or RAL numbers, so, as a company, you want to ensure that you can match the paint as best as you can to your logo. To achieve this, we recommend having the hex code converted to a paint code that you are happy with. This way, you can come to us with a colour you know you’re happy with or at least not waste much time trying to find one you might not like… Unfortunately, the creative codes of graphic designers don’t directly translate to the creative codes of the decorating trade. It’s a hardship we all have to endure.

The difficulties we had matching the colour to the customer’s request caused slight delays to the progress of the project. However, we persevered, absolutely determined to find the perfect match. We could see how important this was to our client and we wanted to finish the job knowing that they were 100% happy with the result.

Metal Paint

For the corrugated metal on the exterior of the building we used a zinc phosphate primer, followed by two coats of Johnstone’s quick drying, steel and cladding gloss silver paint. The primer is an anti corrosive paint, which binds to the steel to ensure adequate coverage and a good base coat for the gloss.
It’s an all weather paint that, due to its quick-dry results, enabled us to get the painting done in the midst of unpredictable weather conditions.

Despite the small set-back with colour matching, we made sure that we were the first ones on site and the last ones to leave at the end of the day to make up for it.

It’s really important for us to demonstrate a dedication to finishing on time, however, we never sacrifice top quality results for punctuality; it’s just not our style.

We managed to find paint that was on-brand and great quality to achieve the durable results that the company needed.

We are proud to say we didn’t disappoint!

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