Completed work at Archies burger and shake bar

nvolvement in Archie’s Burger and Shakes Bar in Liverpool, we were given a brilliant opportunity to do something modern and creative… well, excessively pink and radiantly neon to be more precise!

Taping and jointing the walls was going to be a major necessity to create the desired aesthetic and structurally durable finish.

The internal structural state of the building meant that we were starting completely from scratch; a complete shop refit that required us to use the most cost effective, but quality assured techniques in the business.

Taping and Jointing to plasterboard

We used taping and jointing with plasterboards to do some of the walls because this meant that plastering was unnecessary and it not only saved us time, it was more efficient, created a flush finish and ensured that it was well put together and would stand the test of time. Durability is paramount and takes priority, creating a good solid base and blank canvas for decorating.

For the tapered drywall joints, we fitted plasterboards together, taped the boards together and then use a jointing compound as a binding agent. Corners can become extremely problematic if they are not bound properly with the compound, and can seriously reduce the longevity of the structure and inevitably weaken the joint. This leads to movement between the boards, cracks in the filler and a very unhappy client.

With 18 years experience in taping and jointing for both commercial and domestic contracts, we were able to avoid any potential problems and over the 4-week period that we were involved in the project we were really pleased with the renovation.

Brick Paint to Internal Walls

We created a brick wall effect throughout the remainder of the restaurant, painting over the brickwork with smooth weathershield masonry paint. Due to the nature of brick, it is integral to use a reliable finish to, again, ensure durability and avoid deterioration. Exposed brick can create quite a mess within the premises – not an option for a commercial restaurant.

No one appreciates a sprinkling of brick dust on their strawberry milkshake!

The overall result of our effort and expertise? An authentic, American Diner style restaurant with a contemporary British twist in the champion city of Liverpool.

The contract with Archie’s was something that we wouldn’t have acquired without the well-established relationship we have developed with our contractors. The biggest compliment is when our previous work speaks for itself. We were really pleased to be awarded this job based on the contractor’s previous experience with us and we couldn’t have been happier with the result of our hard work in Liverpool.