Paint job at the old Stuart Crystal Building

Conservation and renovation project for the old Stuart Crystal buildings in Wordsley, Stourbridge.


We are kicking off the New Year with a really exciting, and rather large conservation and renovation project for the old Stuart Crystal buildings in Wordsley, Stourbridge.

This historically significant local treasure is locally renowned for being one of the biggest local employers during the latter half of the 20th century until it was shut down over 20 years ago; sadly remaining derelict ever since.

Thanks to a local investment, we will be part of the mammoth project to breathe some new life back into this treasured landmark, saving the structure and redecorating to conserve this listed building and bring it back to working order with a bit of style.

The buildings will be converted into a museum to exhibit the truly unique production of glass crystal, which will not only provide some tourism and act as a significant attraction for the area, but it will also fill the void that the abandonment of the building left behind.

Sourcing our painting materials locally in Stourbridge, about a mile and a half down the road we visited the local ‘Crown’ paint shop. The employees informed us of how their family members had worked at the Crystal factory and that it was a core piece of Stourbridge history that they were really pleased would be respectively restored.
One of the many reasons that we are really pleased to have been selected as the decorators for this project, renovations often serving as the most satisfying decorating work in light of the dramatic transformation that we get to witness and be a part of. Also, conserving listed buildings serves in the UK’s best interests and preserves culture and solidly designed and built architecture.

Luxury apartments and offices are also being installed as part of the project, with a bespoke style to bring elegance back to the deserted building. So far we have boarded and plastered the interior walls and applied three coats of matt paint to the walls and ceilings. All the woodwork is brand new and being primed, under-coated and glossed. First steps to a renovation success!

The sheer size of the job stands as a testament to our growing trust and relationship with our contractors. This will definitely prove to be one of the most interesting jobs we have had to date, and we look forward to seeing the end result in a few months time. It’s nice to know that even in some of the smaller parts of the world like Stourbridge, we recognise buildings worth saving. Stay tuned!