Don’t let decorators take advantage of the urgency of your need for assistance. We certainly won’t.


When a client approached us from Nottingham recently with an urgent, last minute job, we realised how often this happens and that this is also when customers are at their most vulnerable and need the most reassurance.
We wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate our efficiency in times of decorating desperation.

Our job in Nottingham started with a phone call on a Thursday and resulted in us starting the following the Monday, just 2 working days later. We were given 10 days to complete the job, finished it in 7, and our clients were chuffed to bits that our speed didn’t mean we’d compromised on our quality. They were over the moon and we walked away with our heads held high.

We get job satisfaction from the fact that we have a great team that not only do their jobs distinctively well, but that always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and are part of the reason we form such fruitful business relationships along the way.

We are what most people would describe as big enough to cope and small enough to care, however, with this philosophy being slightly overused in various industries however true it stands, we decided to demonstrate the extent of our reliability with:

3 reasons to choose us as your painting and decorating contractors when you’re in a hurry.

1: We have a team big enough that we can take jobs at short notice.

We delegate and organise our contracts amongst our workers depending on the size of the job but we still keep our team to a nice tight number of about 10 trustworthy, Arco approved decorators.

Our Gaffer, Mark, will deal with you directly and will always be there to approve and supervise the work we do.

We trust who we employ and most of them have worked for us for a long time. We wouldn’t hire them if we didn’t feel that they could represent and deliver our high quality of work.
We got a rep to protect!

2: We will do what we can to cater for all your decorating needs, even when you’re being a real pain in the bum!

Things happen! If it’s inconvenient or you’re in a bit of a pickle, you can rely on us. We won’t penalise you for your situation, we’ll do what we can to make it work for you. We will be honest and realistic if there is something that is just not achievable, but we will always help you find a way around the problem and our advice won’t cost you a penny!

3: Our work is our legacy.

We will be remembered for our work and no one cares about our company or our reputation as much as we do. We know that in caring for our company, our number one priority has to be taking care for our clients and their needs.

We build our reputation on how we conduct our business on site, off site and that our work stands the test of time. Our work should speak for itself, even months after completion. It’s the Arco legacy!

Get in touch with us today with any painting and decorating enquiries that you have.
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