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This month, Arco became an integral part of a commercial interior design project to freshen up the 1960s Tricorn House office block in the centre of Birmingham.

Thanks to our consistent and loyal pals at City Office Interiors who often recommend us to clients up and down the country, Arco were entrusted with the responsibility of redecorating the entire 3rd and 4th floors of this prominent ten storey building on the Hagley Road on extremely short notice.

Frequently asked to transform commercial offices with our painting and decorating expertise, we decided that this one was an ideal example, the epitome if you like, of why we are becoming the Midlands’ go-to redecorators for commercial company office spaces. No matter what you throw at us, we’ll do what it takes to deliver, and then some!

The windows had been spray-painted before we started. We tried to mask up the windows in order to create a sharp line between the colours to give it a more professional finish. The window frames were sprayed a light grey and we were painting the walls a brilliant white.

To our utter dismay (we might be slightly exaggerating for the purposes of your entertainment) the paint could not withstand the tape, as the masking was too tacky and it damaged the newly sprayed window frames. To achieve the results we wanted we had to create a sharp line free hand.

Those windows were turning out to be a right pane…!

Efficient, practical problem solvers and paint experts, we never compromise on quality

Our clients were really impressed with our work and with the progress we had made and decided to throw in an extra floor for us to complete within the same timeframe. We determinedly accepted the challenge!

Since starting the job, we’d had issues with the lift and were completely unable to rely on it to transport our team and our equipment to the floors we were working on. We frequently found ourselves carrying our gear up multiple flights of stairs, multiple times throughout the day, and even though it was inconvenient and probably slowed us down, we did not complain. Things happen, we work our way around it and keep smiling.

Who needs a gym when you’ve got unreliable elevators?! Every cloud!

So, in conclusion, the unexpected intricate freehand painting, a whole extra floor to redecorate AND a dysfunctional lift to get us there, were all things we couldn’t possibly have planned for prior to taking on the job. Oh, and did we mention that we’re 3 or 4 weeks ahead of schedule already? Yeah, we’re THAT good!

Everything is “hunky dory” and bang on schedule. They’ll have to do a helluva lot more than that to break our pace or our spirit!

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