Rebrand and redecoration project of the former home of Futsal UK to its new ownership, PlayFootball, in Birmingham.

Although it pained us to paint over some of the graffiti murals in this PlayFootball Arena in Birmingham this month, we’d be lying if we told you that we weren’t a little excited about being involved in the rebrand of a former Futsal UK property into its new PlayFootball ownership.

We received an enquiry from the PlayFootball company through our website and, aware that this job was going to be a big ‘un, we stepped in to our big boy painting pants and showed no fear.

We cannot emphasise enough how big this place actually is – it looked like an aircraft hanger. We genuinely believe that you could park a small jet in the main arena.

One of the main walls measured up to be 150m long and 450m wide. Our first instinct was to spray-paint the walls in order to save time, however, with over 30 windows to protect, we decided that it would be more time and cost effective to paint it with rollers after all.

The breezeblocks absorbed the water-based paint making it quick dry and ready to start the second coat within the hour. The artwork that we were painting over was a graffiti-skate-park style design and consisted of some incredible images of our football heroes. But, when the new owners moved in, however impressive the décor we couldn’t argue that it just wasn’t on brand and didn’t reflect the image that the company wanted to portray.

Luckily for us, the colour requested to cover the mural was black and therefore covered what was underneath it without the need for more than a couple of coats of paint to create the desired, crisp and professional effect that we wanted. We estimated to have gotten through a staggering 600 litres of paint over the course of the 4 weeks that we were working on this project, a jaw-dropping amount I’m sure you’ll agree! The guys in the local paint shop were our new best pals and when they helped us make sure that we didn’t run out of the colours that we needed, the feeling became mutual.

Working and painting around a fully functioning public space. No problemo!

The biggest challenge for this particular job was the scheduling. With the building fully functional, we had to ensure that our schedule was compatible with activities scheduled to take place within the premises and that there was no danger of risking either the safety of the public or the perfection of our final product… don’t laugh, we take the results of our smooth, delicate paint strokes very seriously…

Perseverance, time awareness and a top team of decorators meant that we absolutely smashed our aims and are pleased to inform you that we should be hearing from our new clients regarding another big job very soon! Fingers crossed!